Volkswagen innovations, takes you through five typical dangerous or complicated situations you might face while driving.
Each situation can be solved with the click of a button, that will activate one of Volkswagen's innovative technologies. "Driving made easier".
Awards: FWA - "Site of the day" November 6, 2008.Awards: FWA Site of the Day, Cannes Lions Finalist, Webbyaward, Spinaward Finalist, Golden Egg, Eurobest Finalist.
This project was featured in the book "The Internet Case Study Book".
The Solution
The Results
Each innovation was translated into a recognizable icon. Each innovation had a scenario and the user had to choose the right innovation into the correct scenario. This way the user can what that specific innovation does in a real-time traffic situation. For example, everyone has trouble parking a car in a really tight space. By pressing Park Assist the car would actually park itself.
The icons were placed in a dashboard interface, so all the user had to do was to click on the corresponding icon. A simple explanation will be shown of what was done and of the selected innovation, adding extra information.​​​​​​​
The microsite was visited over 150,000 times in the first four weeks of the campaign. The banner campaign was the source of 10% of this traffic.
The campaign site generated a lot of attention and received several awards.
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