For the introduction of the new Skoda Octavia was created an interactive car which you could control while sitting behind your computer. 
You could honk the horn, flash the lights, whipe the window whipers and let the car speak. Nobody could pass by this new Skoda without noticing it. "Surprise Holland with the remote-controlled Octavia".
This project was featured at the book "The Internet Case Study Book".
The Solution
The Results
The real Octavia was customised and plugged it in to the internet via the laptops that were integrated in the car. The challenged consisted of building the car and allowing calls from the website to the car, which actually controlled the lights, played audio files, honked the horn, and activated the wipers, while different live video streams were sent back to the campaign site. These streams were visible to all the website visitors.
Over 100 internationl blogs were posted about the campaign, and people were wondering if it was real. An average of 60 people were almost constantly queuing to control the car and daily highlights were posted on the site.
In the two-week campaign period over 100,000 people visited the website, spending an average of 6 minutes on it.
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